Job Responsibilities Of Foreign Workers

Temporary Foreign Workers are requested to send their resumes to us at after comparing   their job responsibilities with the following job responsibilities as per occupations given below:

High Skilled Categories: 
Computer and Telecommunication:

1. Software Developers
Job responsibilities:

  1. The candidate experience must have at least 2 (two) years in the field as Application Developer or System Integrator. Two years experience must be in the field of designing and Implementing and its duties include Responsible for coding, testing, analysis, design, definition, development and implementation of applications systems.

2. Telecommunication Software Designers
Job responsibilities:

  1. Two years of experience designing and implementing real-time software, in a high- or low-level language, in the field of voice and data communication or telecommunications and its duties include Designing and implementing real-time telecommunications software.

3. Embedded Systems Software Designer
Job responsibilities:

  1.  Two years of experience designing and implementing real-time software in a high- or low-level language and its duties include designing, implementing and documenting real-time embedded software for a variety of applications.


4. Software Products Developers
Job responsibilities:

  1. a. Two years of experience with client/server applications and its duties include designing and implementing software for end users.

5. MIS Software Designers
Job responsibilities:

  1. Two years of experience with application development, programming, designing and analyzing real-time OLTP (online transaction processing), RDBMS (relational database management systems) and large mainframe systems.
  2. Two years of experience with large mainframe systems, including experience with Year 2000-related activities such as impact analysis, code conversions, testing, compliance and auditing and its duties include designing and implementing software for management information systems.

6. Multi-media Software developers
Job responsibilities:

Experience: Two years of experience in elements in producing and incorporating the following elements into CBT and multimedia applications:

  • digital video;
  • 2D and 3D graphics
  • 2D and 3D animation and
  • Digitized audio and its duties include developing and implementing multimedia software for interactive computer-based training (CBT) and promotional software applications.

7. Computer Engineers: 
They perform the following duties:

  • Analyzing user's requirements, and design and develop system architecture and specifications
  • Research, design, develop and integrate computer and telecommunications hardware such as microprocessors, integrated circuit boards and semiconductor lasers
  • Supervise, inspect and provide design supportduring the manufacturing, installation and implementation of computer and telecommunication hardware and so on.

8. Computer Programmers and Interactive Media developers: 
Computer Programmers perform the following duties:

  • Writes, modifies, integrates and tests software code
  • Maintains existing computer programs by making modifications as required
  • Identifies and communicate technical problems, processes and solutions
  • Prepares reports, manuals and other documentation on the status, operation and maintenance of software
  • Assists in the development of logical and physical specifications
  • May research and evaluate a variety of software products.

Interactive Media Developer:
They perform the following duties:

  • Program animation software to predefined specifications for interactive CDs, DVDs, video game cartidges and Internet-based applications
  • Program special effects software for film and video applications
  • Write, modify, integrate and test software code for e-commerce and other Internet applications
  • Assists in the development of logical and physical specifications.

9. Financial analyst / Investment analyst: 
Financial analyst performs the following duties:

  • Evaluates financial risk, prepare financial forecasts
  • Plan short term and long term cash flows and assess financial performance
  • Advises on and participate in the financial aspects of contracts and calls for tender
  • Follows up on financing projects with financing backers
  • Assists in preparing operating and investment budgets.
  • Prepares a regular risk profile for debt portfolios.

Investment analyst performs the following duties:

  • Collects financial and investment information about companies, stocks, bonds and other investments using daily stock and bond reports, economic forecasts, trading volumes, financial periodicals, securities manuals, company financial statements and other financial reports and publications
  • Analyzes and Examines financial and investment information collected, including profiles of companies, stock and bond prices, yields and future trends and other investment information
  • Provide investment advice and recommendations to clients, senior company officials, pension fund managers, securities agents and associates and so on...

Skilled Trade Categories:

2. Welders
Job responsibilities:

  1. Read and interpret blue prints or welding process specifications
  2. Operate brazing and soldering equipments
  3. Permanently joins pieces of metal or manufactured parts using metal filler and heat and / or pressure in a construction, manufacturing, or Industrial setting
  4. Repairs broken or cracked parts of equipments, structures, and vehicles and so on...

 2. Carpenters
Job responsibilities:
General Carpenters

  1. Finishes interior sand exteriors
  2. Finishes walls and ceilings
  3. Frames floors, walls and roofs
  4. Assembles frameworks and foundations.

3. Cabinet Carpenters

  1. Selects and uses wood and other materials
  2. Reads and interprets blueprints and prepares sketches
  3. Performs costing
  4. Performs panels and materials break-out
  5. Performs subassembly, assembly, pre-finishing, and finishing operations and so on.......

4. Cooks
Job responsibilities:

  1. Prepare and cook complete meals or individual dishes and foods
  2. Prepare and cook special meals for patients as instructed by dietician or chef
  3. Oversee kitchen operation and so on.......

5. Chef
Job responsibilities:

  1. Plan and direct food preparation and cooking activities of several restaurants in an establishments, restaurant chains, hospital and other establishments with food services
  2. Estimate food requirements and may estimate food and labour costs
  3. Plan menus and ensures food meets quality standards and so on .....

6. Baker
Job responsibilities:

  1. Understands and follows safe practices on the job 
  2. develops and maintains rapport with co-workers
  3. Controls inventory
  4. Develops a production schedule and so on ......

7. General Machinist
Job responsibilities:

  1. Reads and interprets complex engineering drawings and work-process documents
  2. Cuts, shapes, and finishes metal to make precision machining parts and components
  3. Set up and operates both conventional and numerically controlled metal-cutting machines and equipments, including saws, drills, grinders, lathes, and mills
  4. Performs work-in-process measuring or checking using specialized and precision tools and equipments and so on .....

 8. Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)
Job responsibilities:

  1. Installs, repairs, and maintains complex mechanical machinery in many industries, including the manufacturing, automotive, food, mining, pulp and paper, lumber, and textile industries
  2. Uses tools, such as laser alignment equipments, dial indicators, and precision and optical levels
  3. Uses robotics, pumps, presses, material-handling systems, and other machinery and so on .....

 9. Plumber
Job responsibilities:

  1. Layout, assembles, installs, maintains, and repairs piping, fixtures, and appurtenances for the supply or disposal of water for any domestic or industrial purpose in any structure, building, or site
  2. Reads and understands design drawings, manufacturers' literatures, and installation diagrams for piping and connected appliances
  3. Installs the piping for any process, including the conveyance of gas, or any tubing for a pneumatic or air-handling system
  4. Makes joints in piping and so on .......

 10. Hairstylist
Job responsibilities:

  1. Performs basic salon functions
  2. Treats scalp and hair
  3. Cuts, styles, colors and highlights hair
  4. Chemically waves or relaxes hair and so on .....

 11. Automotive Services Technician
Job responsibilities:
They perform inspections, diagnoses and repairs problems in :

  1. Engine systems
  2. Engine management systems
  3. Electrical systems, including starting and charging and body electrical systems
  4. Fuel delivery systems
  5. Intake, exhaust, and emission control systems
  6. Suspension systems and frames, Steering and braking, tires, whells, drive shafts, differentials, and drive axle assemblies and so on .......

12. Butchers, Meat cutters and Fishmongers -- Retail and wholesale 
Job responsibilities:

  1. Cuts, trim, and otherwise prepare standard cuts of meat, poultry, fish and shellfish for sale or self-serve counters
  2. Prepare special displays of meat, poultry, fish and may wrap prepared fish, meats, shellfish, poultry
  3. Manage inventory, keep records of sales and determine amount, product line and freshness of products according to company and customer requirements and so on ......

13. Masons and Bricklayers 
Job responsibilities:

  1. Lay radial bricks to build masonry shells of industrial chimneys
  2. Line or reline furnaces, kilns, boilers and similar installations using refractory or acid-resistant bricks, refractory concretes, plastic refractories and other materials
  3. May resore, clean or paint existing masonry structures
  4. Prepare and lay bricks, concrete blocks, stone, structural tiles and similar materials to construct or repair walls, foundations and other structures in residential, industrial and commercial construction and so on ......

14. Motor vehicle body repairers 
Job responsibilities:

  1. File, grind and sand repaired body surfaces using hand and power tools
  2. Mask and tape auto body surfaces in preparation for painting
  3. Mix paint, blend and match colors
  4. Apply primers and repaint surfaces using brush or spray gun and so on .....

15.  Plasterers, Drywall installers 
Job responsibilities:

  1. Clean and prepare surfaces
  2. Mix plaster ingredients in trough to desired consistency
  3. Apply, level and smooth coats of plaster using trowels, floats, brushes and spraying equipments
  4. Mould and install ornamental plaster panels, cornices and its trim
  5. Spray acoustic materials or texture finish over walls and ceilings and so on .......

16. Sheet Metal Workers 
Job responsibilities:

  1. Read engineering and architectural drawings, sketches and work specifications to be performed, and lay out, measure and mark sheet metal according to drawings or templates.
  2. Develop patterns for sheet metal using computer assisted design and drafting (CAD) software package.
  3. Operate light metal working machines such as sheers, brakes, punches, and drill presses, including computer numerical control (CNC) equipment to cut, bend, punch, drill, shape or straighten sheet metal.
  4. Operate computerized laser or plasma cutting equipment to cut sheet metal.
  5. Install and use rigging and hoisting equipments.
  6. Fit and join sheet metal parts using riveting, welding, soldering and similar equipments to fabricate products such as ventilation shafts, exhaust hoods, partition frames, air and heat ducts, roof decking and sheet metal buildings.
  7. Install sheet metal products according to the specifications and building codes.
  8. Grind and buff seams, joints and rough surfaces.
  9. Inspect product quality and installation to ensure conformance to specifications.

17. Refrigeration and Air conditioning Mechanics 
Job Responsibilities: 

  • Read and interpret blue prints, drawings or other specifications
  • Measure and lay out reference points for installation
  • Assemble and install refrigeration or air conditioning components such as motors, controls, gauges, valves, circulating pumps, condensers, humidifiers, evaporators and compressors using hand and power tool
  • Measure and cut piping, and connect piping using welding and brazing equipment
  • Install, troubleshoot and overhaul entire heating, ventilation, air handling, refrigeration and air conditioning systems
  • Start up system and test for leaks using testing devices
  • Recharge systems with refrigerant, check and test regulators, calibrate system and perform routine maintenance and servicing
  • Repair and replace parts and components for entire refrigeration, Air-conditioning, ventilation and air pump systems
  • May install, maintain and repair equipments in refrigerated trucks used to transport food or medical suppliesMay prepare work estimates for clients.

18. Structural metal and plate work fabricators and fitters   
Job responsibilities: 

  1. Construct patterns and templates as guides for layouts. 
  2. Lay out reference points and patterns on heavy metal according to component specifications. 
  3. Rigs, hoist and move materials to storage areas or within worksite. 
  4. Assemble and fit metal sections and plates to form complete units or subunits using tack welding, bolting, riveting or other methods. 
  5. Set up and operate various  heavy-duty metalworking machines such as brake presses, Shears, cutting torches, grinders and drills, including computer numerical control (CNC) equipment, to bend, cut, form, punch, drill or otherwise form heavy-metal components. 
  6. Install fabricated components in final product. 

19. Ironworkers  
Job responsibilities: 

  1. Read blueprints and specifications to lay out work 
  2. Unload and position steel units so each piece can be hoisted as needed 
  3. Erect and install scaffolding, hoisting equipment and rigging 
  4. Signal crane operator to position steel units according to blueprints 
  5. Align and weld or bolt steel units in place 
  6. Erect structural and architectural precast concrete components for buildings, bridges, towers and other structures 
  7. Assemble and erect prefabricated metal structures 
  8. Position and secure steel bars or metal mesh in concrete forms to reinforce concrete structures 
  9. Install ornamental and other structural metal work such as curtain walls, metal stairways, railings and power doors 
  10. Examine structures and equipments for deterioration, defects or non-compliance with specifications 
  11. May dismantle structures and equipments.

20. Steamfitter, Pipe fitters, Sprinkler installers:
Job responsibilities: 

  1. Read and interpret drawings, blueprints and specifications to determine requirements
  2. Cut openings for pipe in walls, floors and ceilings using hand or power tools or machines
  3. Select type and size of pipe required
  4. Measure, Cut, Thread and Bend pipe to required shape using hand and power tools
  5. Weld, blaze, cement, solder and thread joints to join pipes and fabricate sections of piping system
  6. Install supports, valves, piping and control systems
  7. Test system for leaks using testing equipments
  8. Clean and maintain pipe units and fittings and flush systems
  9. Remove and replace worn components and reactivate syste
  10. May prepare cost estimates for clients and so on....

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